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Well, here we are, back once again to provide you with teeny, tiny items to love and adore. 

So what's new over here then?

Fundamentally, Four Little Walls remains the same. Our biggest passion is creating miniature homes and filling them with goodies to be treasured for years and years. 

Previously, our sole focus has been on the Adult doll's house collector but why should the big kids geet all the fun?

We're very excited to now be able to introduce Maileg toys as part of our range, suitable for 3 yrs + (and sometimes even younger than that!).



These toys are combine charm, whimsy and gorgeous Scandinavian design. We've selected items that will be beautiful as stand-alone gifts, as well as compliment an exisiting doll's house for the junior collector. Matchbox mouse or Micro bunny anyone? 



We're looking forward to expanding our range as we move into 2018 so keep an eye-out for shop updates!

Kat x

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